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(angel sequel)

I was born. One day, I will die. In the interim I will have lived quite a while. Everything I have done or accomplished, everything I have thought or said is equally important. Therefore, I organized every event in chronological order, (hired a ghostwriter), wrote a book, and will promote it to you and the world.

I will sell millions of copies and make bunches of money because my name is a household word: I saved the planet by replacing plastic with biodegradables, destroyed it with a racist political policy that condoned genocide, set and broke records in the Olympics or the Boston Marathon, acted in and/or directed block buster movies, or made a fortune after being voted into public office (that I stuffed into a tax-exempt non-profit).

You can learn from me, respect me, honor me, abhor me, or maybe be jealous of me because I thought enough of myself to write an autobiography. 

Everyone thinks they know everything about me but the masses will buy my autobiography in the hope to learn something new about the trials, tribulations, failures, and successes of my life. It will be an expose autobiography because it will include specific details that only I know and provide a new framework of intrigue by connecting details into a different way to look at me. This will allow my readers to relate more personally when I survive and thrive through whatever challenges I may have had.

Autobiographies can be comprehensive and really, really long. They are usually written in first-person point of view (there’s going to be a lot of I’s), and focus more on the facts than how the writer feels while life occurs. The reader won’t necessarily see, hear, and feel the joy, fear, panic, or hope that the writer does. The reader may not be allowed to get into the writer’s head as intimately as in a memoir, but they might be invited as a voyeur and hitch a ride as the pages turn. 

Autobiographies may cross over into memoir, fiction, non-fiction, and creative non-fiction genres. In all of these, dialogue, settings, a solid narrative, and true character descriptions should be present. In these genres more than most others, the writer may worry about being accused and sued for libel and or slander. Scenarios should be depicted as truth and as accurately as possible. Memories are not infallible. Disclaimers are invaluable, should be included, written as inclusively as possible, and approved by a literary attorney. 

It is believed that Saint Augustine of Hippo in Carthage wrote the first modern autobiography. Confessions consisted of a series of thirteen books written between AD 397 and 400. Saint Augustine outlines his sinful youth (he thought of himself a bad boy) and how he cleaned up his life after his conversion away from pagan worship to the Christian faith.

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True Crime Memoir – Survivor: As Long As I Breathe
is dedicated to:
survivors of emotional, physical, spiritual, or sexual abuse,
those who have had to bury a murdered child,
former members of a religious cult based on misogyny,
children born with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome,
and anyone who was falsely accused of a crime.

Joyce A Lefler is a true crime survivor and the author of
From Miracle to Murder: Justice For Adam.
She is a facilitator for Parents of Murdered Children,
a bereavement counselor, registered nurse,
and an advocate against abuse.

Connect with her:
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